Get Derrick the Dog for Free in September!!!

Derrick the Dog (DtD) has been very well received.  It's gotten some nice reviews, and it even made it all the way to the number one spot in one of the sub-genre's on Kobo.  However, it hasn't gotten a lot of visibility.  So, for the remainder of the month, I've marked the ebook price down to... FREE!!!  The updated price should trickle out to retailers over the next few days.  Unfortunately, I can't mark it as free at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but in fairly short order, their bots should pick up the change and price match.  Here's where you can help.

Please help spread the word.  You can help by doing any or all of the following:

  • Pick up a copy if you don't already have one and give it to or read it to your favorite children.
  • Forward, like, (re)tweet, or share this with somebody you think would enjoy DtD.
  • Leave a review on your blog, site, or at the book review or retailer's site of your choice.
    • Even if you didn't like it.  Every review helps.  Or if you're not comfortable with that, send me your feedback

Although I don't respond directly to reviews (it's considered uncouth for authors to respond to reviews of their works), I still read them.  Thanks to the feedback I've received on DtD, I think the next Derrick and Max book will be even stronger:  a tighter, more concise story, more illustrations, and more fun.  And for paper readers, we're going to do some fun stuff with layouts, formatting, and spreads to make it more visually interesting.  Speaking of which, I need to get back to my illustration work!  Thanks for reading!

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