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Note: I did some minor edits below for clarification, but what you see below is pretty close to what Swype was able to pickup.  I’ve left it rather ugly so you can get an idea as to how well it manages to pickup what you’re saying while driving down the road.  I’ve since figured out how to make better use of punctuation.  I’ve also been working on my enunciation and voice projection, which have helped the accuracy.

Okay, we're going to try something new here . If you're reading this that means [the] experiment worked .

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I have a nice long commute to work . Although I tried to make the time useful any my time [by] listening to podcasts, [but that’s] still a lot of time to [that could] be better spent on other activities .

Last year, I set a rather lofty goal for myself right [to write] 200,000 works [words]. At the end of the year, I had only achieved [less than 10% of that]. Although part of that could be attributed to a lot of time spent illustrating, I still fill ball [fell far] short of my goals and was disappointed with the results . This year, I still have a lot of illustration were headed [work ahead], but I don't want my word count goal to suffer. So I got thinking about all that time that I spend in the car as potential writing time . So I started to research the possibility of doing my writing while I commute .

It's not as far-fetched as it sounds . There are a number of examples of authors who have managed to write at least the first draft of their books while driving to and from their day jobs. ( insert some examples here [see below]). So, I started researching options that were [able to transcribe what I dictate]. After looking at several possibilities, I discovered that the inexpensive swipe [Swype] keyboard includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology. I decided to give it a shot . In fact, I'm composing this blog post on my mobile device using swipe [the Swype] keyboard, speaking as I drive to work . So far, [it seems] to be working pretty good . True, it's missed some words here and there , but overall it seems to be catching most of what I'm saying. So, I'm going to knock out this blog post and see about doing a couple more before I try something is waiting is [as challenging as] working on the first draft of the story . But I will let you know how it helps [goes].

( go back up and add Evernote along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking ) [this was a note to myself, complete with opening and closing parenthesis, that I spoke into life.  Indeed, I used Swype with Evernote to record this.]

If you've also use your [commute] time to write especially if you're using the [speech-to-]text technology , I love you [to] hear from you in the comments about your experience . Or if you found other inventive ways to create writing time let me hear about .


Examples of writers who’ve put their commute time to good use:

Peter Brett

Jason Freedman

Andy Leeks


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