Goodreads Giveaway Results: Derrick the Dog

Wow!  The giveaway is over, and the response was way more than I ever expected.  Thanks to everybody who entered.  The winner is Sharlene M. of AB, Canada.  Congratulations, Sharlene!


For the numbers fiends/curious authors, here are the stats for my first ever Goodreads giveaway.  These are all for Derrick the Dog, the subject of this giveaway.  I didn’t pay for any supplemental advertising, just posted about it on social media and my site.

Before:  on 6 shelves, 1 rating, 2 reviews

After:  on 419 shelves, 2 ratings, 2 reviews

I also made a couple of new Goodreads friends along the way.  And I get to learn about shipping to other countries.  All told, I think this was a win, and I’d do it again.



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