Derrick and Max News

Hey folks,

I thought I’d share some news about Derrick and Max, in no particular order.


  • Derrick the Dog is free today on the Amazon Kindle store.  It’s coming off KDP Select toward the end of the month.  There’s one more chance after this one to pick it up for free on the 13th, so if you miss today’s freebie, mark your calendar.  It’s already been downloaded well over 100 times and has gotten some good reviews.  If you read it and enjoy it, I’d love for you to leave a review, too.
  • I’ve added Derrick the Dog to Kindle MatchBook.  So if you’ve purchased the paper copy, you’ll be able to download the digital copy for free once Amazon rolls out the program. 
  • I finally got around to completing the first coloring page for Derrick and Max.  It’s been posted to the kids site.  I’m working on another which I plan to release later this month, also on the kids site.
  • I’ve been hard at work when I can snatch the time on the 2nd Derrick and Max book, Derrick and Max go to the Beach.  The story’s written and edited, and I’ve more or less completed the first 2 drawings.  I’ll get them posted up on the kids site when I’m a little farther along.
  • I’m planning a couple of giveaways for Derrick the Dog on goodreads when we get closer to the holidays (assuming I survive another Fall as the Popcorn Kernel for our Cub Scout Pack).  I’ll make an announcement when I get everything arranged.

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