A sadistic serial killer. A young girl. A quick read. The flash fiction story boundless is now free.


The horror novelette Repetition is now available.

Introducing Derrick and Max

This is from the first illustration I did for the first Derrick and Max book. Derrick the Dog was released June, 2013.

My first ArtRage drawing

This was the first original drawing I completed with my Wacom Bamboo tablet and ArtRage, done almost entirely in pencil. Just a little practice drawing, not related to any of the stories I'm working on.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Welcome to BD Crowell's new home on the web.  Jimdo had some neat features, but ultimately, it didn't do what I needed it to.  I'll be moving over what little content I had there over the next weeks and hopefully adding some new.  So, have a look around (but mind it's under construction) and check back in as I get more content and features added.  Thanks for stopping by!