Friday, May 6, 2016

Subscribe to the Newsletter, get 2 Free Ebooks

Hello, Brian here.  I wanted to let my readers know about a new benefit for those who subscribe to the newsletter.  Starting this week, anyone who signs up for the newsletter will get two free ebooks.  It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile and finally got around to.  To start with, the free ebooks are Derrick the Dog and Repetition.  Over time, that selection may change as new books comes out, but I want to keep it at one kids' book and one adults' book to appeal to the most readers.

castle photo
If you're already a newsletter subscriber and are feeling bummed because you signed up before I got this rolled out, you needn't feel bad.  Just drop me a line on the contact page, and I'll get you hooked up.  Be sure to use the email address you subscribed to the newsletter with.  And please encourage your friends to subscribe if you think they'd enjoy my stories.

In other news, I continue my snail's pace working on the next Derrick & Max book.  I think I'm roughly halfway done, or perhaps a bit over, with the illustration work.  Once that's done, a final pass on the text and it should be ready for publication.  I'm also trudging my way through Bound, the sequel to Boundless, which leads up to the events in Parts.  I think Bound is shaping up nicely if slowly.  It's taken some massaging and more drafts than I typically employ in some sections to get the feel where I wanted, but I'm fairly happy with it.  Want to read it before anyone else?  Sign up to be a beta reader or book reviewer using the form on our Misc page.

That's all for now.  Hope you have a great summer! 



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